Malcolm D Lee’s “Girls Trip” has been setting  social media alight , the first black-led film to cross the $100 million mark at the domestic box office in the space of four weeks – well alright now! This movie is a cleverly-scripted tribute to the union of black sisterhood,  a comedic,   uncanny spin   on the highs and lows of friendship. 

Even within its familiar story plot conventions, it still satisfies. The four leading characters are emotional, sexual, spiritually free beings without boundary, providing a visual  ‘fuck you’   to societies gender confinements. The ladies are children of liberty and independence slaying in their 40s. “Girls Trip” is practically your   ‘Sex & The City’    equivalent sprinkled with a little more sass for that ass. I was totally fulfilled after watching this.

The movie revitalizes and refreshes   typical persona types,   with the use of diverse story lines. You have ‘Ryan’s (Regina Hall) failing marriage despite her successes as an empowering black wife and author, ‘Sasha’s (Queen Latifah) money issues and battle with her notoriety as a celebrity blogger,    ‘Lisa’s sex starved love life (Jada Pinkett Smith)    and the hilariously crude but animated ‘Dina’ (Tiffany Haddish) who is the rider of the crew. The girls break/bound together in trial and tribulation during their trip to Essence Fest in New Orleans but overall, the audience truly gets to see how their sisterly ties strengthen when faced with adversity.

Supporting male actors, Larenz Tate and the edible Kofi Siriboe serve up as   salivating eye-candy    in the film also, enhancing our viewing pleasure. You should have seen how many black women were screaming   ‘Yassss     in Cineworld when Lisa (Jada Pinkett Smith) was getting freaky with Kofi. 

I am really trying to hold back from revealing elaborate spoilers so I shall leave it there. This movie, however, is a must-watch with your gal-dem!