‘Self-hatred is an epidemic.’ – Facebook User

This viral video broke my heart last night.

Watch below.

Identity complexes are so easy to inherit when you are consistently bombarded with images, stories, news items that perpetuate what is aesthetically   superior   and what is not. To top it off, when you are in an uncontrolled social but systematic, educational environment, that further facilitates the conditioning.

I really didn’t want to contribute to this   divisive ‘agenda’   by exposing the foolery but I had to get this off my chest.

Parents… are you really checking in on your sons/daughters after school?!! Like WTF?!! Where is the conversation, the mental/emotional development, the history teachings, the spiritual investment?! Going to church one day a week for example is not enough to assist the  psychological advancement  of a young teen, doesn’t do anything if your kids are in the streets chatting shit. Parenting is a continued yet concentrated work, your kids will need your guidance forever. Teenage brats are out here self-hating like it’s some joke, like their mothers aren’t the equivalent of what they so brazenly hate!

I don’t even believe it is a preference, it is programming as one of my Facebook friends stated.