I was at a point in life  – a couple years back – where I lived off  negative thoughts  from others. Malleable – I would yield to those self-limiting beliefs and my shadow character would absorb it all. These thoughts were habitual, consistent in nature, mental ingredients for self-sabotage.  Everything  from failed relationships, to my fear of not being successful would consume me. 

In psychopathology, our  shadow characters  are the repressed, depreciated versions of ourselves, the ego personality, our dark sides. The subconscious energy is dominant, it’s the second mind that attracts circumstances, scenarios that you have hidden within. Tuning into your higher self means that you have to be active in the  positive reprogramming  of your subconscious mind. Think of your conscious mind as a gateway, your subconscious mind stores that data. We must become  intentional beings in every aspect, every facet of our lives, people, environments, we must be intentional with who we choose to share our energy with. 

Recognising that my empathic disposition makes me more likely to be affected (intensively) by the actions, mental or emotional state of another individual, this year, I took it upon myself to go back into  therapy  to heal and most importantly to learn.

Let’s just say, my thought streams are evolving and have impacted my reality in the most positive way…

Do not be fooled, psychology and spirituality go hand in hand.

Listen below, hopefully this resonates with you.