My beauty is not your concern. 

What you “like” isn’t my problem, what looks good to you I couldn’t really care less about. My womanhood is not dependent on whether you deem me desirable or not. 

The more we feed into these algorithms, systems of public review, it becomes easier to allow others to define who we should be. We are in the prominent age of the ‘show and tell’ , pressure cans in this digital microcosm of the real world.  How suffocating.

Social media is the equivalent of kryptonite for the narcissist, the hollow heads. I mean, should I devalue myself because my waist to hip ratio or hair texture is not socially accredited by you or your brethren?! Boy bye.  My divinity, talents surpass my aesthetics. In fact, there is more to me than my tig ol’ bitties  and better yet still, the onus is on me when it comes to showing them or not! I refuse to be limited or led by the subjectivity of human perception.

This disparaging, online  ranking system  *yawns*

Hollow minds need to understand that there are varying dimensions to womanhood despite society choosing to exploit, or more or less, fetishise the obvious. To conclude, I thought I’d create this PSA for those who stringently believe that a woman’s body/looks are a determinant of popularity or femininity. We are so much more than that.