I am so excited to announce the beta launch of   The Music Site.com   a brand new, global initiative that prides itself on providing monetary, distribution and promotional opportunities for all independent artists/creators. 

Being a music enthusiast and creator myself, I have been invested in the fundamental growth of the music industry for quite some time. I have paid attention to the evolving climate of the music scene, especially where new digital mechanisms and formats are concerned. At the same time, due to how   saturated   the digital music sphere is, I have also noticed how hard it can be for independent artists to stay in the loop.

The Music Site has been put in place to simplify this by providing a compact, online information space that will not only host artists work but provide easy access to   music career development   tools for just a small, monthly subscription fee. Artists will have everything at their finger tips on one platform!

Support the cause by investing in their crowdfunding campaign.

I urge my fellow independent creators and artists to get involved!