Do you actually want to get to know me or are we just going to hover above the   surface of mediocrity 

When your vibration is high, you are magnetic by default. The rewards that come with balancing your energy girrrrl, I will elaborate on this in due time. I have been  spiritually tuning my internal self,   sifting out the gunk i.e. (scars from the past, dwelling, self-limiting beliefs etc) expanding on my own divine directives. I am still evolving but thankfully drawing new, beautiful people and opportunities to me.

However, with the good, comes the bad   because moths are also drawn to light bih.   We are in the age of co-dependent relationships, ego gratification, situation-ships where people are actively seeking to gain, not to necessarily give.

This year, dating hasn’t been much of a priority but I have made a few exceptions. Some of my encounters in 2017 (ones that I have not even sought after) have been thee worst and abominably short lived. I just don’t get why people will go out of their way to establish a connection with you, only to fall down at the first hurdle. From   paragraphical essays of intrigue and voice-notes   to one worded answers. Dead.

With social media being the main line of communication nowadays, attention spans are shorter, accessibility is at an all time high making courtship a dying art form. New age courtship consists of the   sharing of memes,   ‘banter-led’ interactions, a lack of patience, ‘honeymoon period’ declarations of interest, intense pursuit and investment (this lasts for about 2-3 months tops)  

Emotional wisdom is non-existent. Ugh – limited vocabulary, temporary, lying, low vibrational, Krusty The Clown ass frauds – God please keep them at bay!